Hey there, I'm Dennis. I do software since early 2000s. Typically in .NET and JS/TS ecosystem. I'm a big fan of clean coders, TDD and Agile.
So far, the key areas I've had an experience so far are ERP, eCommerce, Payments, Finance and a bit in infrastructure

You can find me on Linked In or drop me a line to tretyakov@live.com.

At the moment I work for Helmes AS.

Some stuff I wrote ↓

  1. Creating custom Roslyn Analyzer and CodeFix Provider was promised to be very easy to create a custom one. I’ve tried, and long story short — it is easy, however it took me quite a while to get started, primarily because of lack of documentation and examples. In this article are the things that I believe would save my time starting, hopefully will save your time.

  2. I switched to TDD about six years ago. And here are the biggest struggles I've had, when I just started.

  3. Strong password don't have to be complicated to remember. Complicated passwords - are not always strong against brute-force attacks. ZXCVBN is a lib to estimate password strength not complexity

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